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10 Hong Kong Restaurants Where You’ll Want to Eat & Drink Everything in Sight

10 Hong Kong Restaurants Where You’ll Want to Eat & Drink Everything in Sight

Summer is just around the corner, and whether you’ve already got your summer plans all in order, are still figuring out what to do, or maybe want to plan an escape for the dark and dreary days of winter, Hong Kong is always a good idea whatever time of the year! If you’ve been following us on Instagram (as you rightly should, if not stop what you’re doing and follow us @thekryddhyllan right this instant), you’ll know that we recently went on a short but sweet food-filled excursion to Hong Kong, and even managed to squeeze in a trip up The Peak, where we walked several km just a few hours after getting off the plane.

The city of Hong Kong, which (fun fact) actually means: fragrant harbor in Chinese, is a beautiful mashup of locals and expats from around the world, which certainly contributes to its diverse and bustling food scene, where even the pickiest of eaters are bound to find something that appeases their palate. It’s also a perfect city for visitors on any type of budget, as you can find lunch for 5 dollars or splurge on a dinner for 100, whatever your wallet and tastes prefer.

While the city is quite steep, don’t let that discourage you from getting around and exploring all hidden treasures this lively city has to offer. Hong Kong is home to the longest covered escalator, perfect for those extra humid days when you’re feeling particularly lazy. The metro is also a mighty fine (and relatively cheap) way to get around, and if you want to splurge, hailing a taxi won’t set you back too much either.


All in all, we had an absolutely incredible time eating, drinking (and sometimes walking) our way around Hong Kong. While one can easily spend several weeks falling in love with a new part of the city every single day, it's safe to say that three days provided us with more than enough time to try some great spots (and for Anna, who’s lived there before, to revisit some of her favorite watering holes).

So, let’s gets to it! Here comes a non-comprehensive list of places we visited where you’ll want to order everything on the menu, so be sure to leave those tight pants at home:

1. Din tai fung

Two words. Dumpling paradise. Originally from Taiwan, it is world-famous (seriously) for their absolutely epic steamed dumplings and other authentic Chinese delights. With several locations stretching from one corner of the globe to the other, their Hong Kong location at Causeway Bay was awarded a Michelin Star in 2009 (but don’t worry- the price range is perfect if you’re on a budget). While you’re there, it goes without saying that you should order a few of their renowned dumplings, but definitely test the waters and order some of their vegetable and noodle dishes as well (garlic bok choy and spicy shrimp noodles, we’re looking at you). At the end of the day, whatever you order there, you’re bound to walk away feeling happy and stuffed to the gills. Happy dumpling devouring!


2. Hui Lau Shan

This chain of dessert restaurants is perfect for anyone with a serious sweet tooth and undying passion for all things mango (*cough *cough Anna). Just stepping into one of their bright yellow locations is bound to recharge your batteries, and everything is made from scratch. Serving up everything from fresh mango ice cream to mango jelly and other fresh fruit delights, this is the perfect pit stop when you need a little pick-me-up, or just so happen to be stark raving mad about mangos (anyone would be, after a trip to Hui Lau Shan).


3. Café Siam

Easily some of the best Thai food you’ll ever eat (ever, if we weren’t clear). There’s western Thai food, and then there’s Thai food that transports you to the wonderfully chaotic, jam-packed streets of Bangkok. The latter friends, is Café Siam. Located tucked away on the 5th floor of a pretty unassuming building that you might mistake for an office building, you’ll find this gem in the center of Hong Kong’s LKF district, famous for its rowdy nightlife, this is a great place for an authentic Thai experience that will fill you up but won’t leave you in a semi-permanent food coma. Menu tips: the red curry and the signature Siam salad, but whatever you pick you won’t regret. The only thing you’ll regret is not paying this spot a visit. We also regret not taking any pictures.... Proof that we couldn't wait to dig in! Point being: you're sure to find something delicious on the menu we promise!!



4. Tim Ho Wan

“Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum Restaurant presents you enticing menus that have won the plaudits of food critics and hearts of foodies around the world.” We couldn’t have put it any better than how they describe themselves in their meta-description. It certainly won our hearts. Probably the only Michelin-starred restaurant where you can buy yourself a feast of a lunch for under 10 dollars, we strongly recommend that you order the pork buns. Of course, this gem is certainly no secret amongst locals or expats alike, so be ready to wait in line for a little while if you want to eat at the restaurant. Otherwise, do like us and order your feast to go, enjoying it in one of the outdoor locations around the city (until a security guard shoos you away... Whatever happened to allemansrätten?).



5. Peking Garden

Have you ever wondered whether you’d be able to consume an entire duck? Well, Peking Garden answers that question for you… with a resounding YES. Ok if we’re being honest with ourselves, maybe we shared the duck four ways, but this glorious restaurant on the bottom floor of Alexandra House gives you an incredibly authentic, and pretty fancy Chinese dining experience. Everything from the starters to the service to the never ending portions of Peking duck, we’re already dreaming of our next visit.

Don’t believe us? Read some of the reviews: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g294217-d938999-Reviews-Peking_Garden_Restaurant_Alexandra_House-Hong_Kong.html


6. Mammy Pancake

Where do we even begin to describe the magic that is a fresh from the griddle egg waffle? These little puffs of waffly, eggy goodness are the perfect street food to enjoy any time of day. And enjoy we did. While there’s no shortage of egg waffle stalls around the city, this was by far our favorite, the one that had us coming back for more each and every single one of the three days we were there. If you’re new to egg waffles, order the classic, but once you’ve gotten the hang of things, we highly recommend branching out and testing the matcha or chocolate chip variants.



7. Want to Drink

Much like egg waffles, it’s hard to walk around Hong Kong without spotting at least a few bubble tea spots. But one that really jives with the trendy millennial locals? Then we’re talking about Want To Drink. This spot had teenyboppers lining up to take pictures of their refreshing bubble tea creations next to their distinct logo, and we were wise to follow suit. The menu is in Cantonese, but the helpful staff can help you pick the perfect bubble tea to suit your preferences. We went for the traditional tea, semi sweetened with the classic tapioca bubbles. YUM.

Link here


8. Oddies

What happens when egg waffles and ice cream make a baby? The most magical dessert of all time, duh! This funky little ice cream store has bright pink walls, and makes for the perfect atmosphere for you to feel all the giddy feelings of picking out ice cream as a kid. It’s magical.




9. Zagin Soba

On our first night in Hong Kong, feeling hungry and slightly delirious after a day filled with adventuring and eating, we decided to take to the streets and see where our hungry tummies would lead us. They just so happened to take us to a street filled with ramen places (the dream, in other words). Not super keen on waiting in the seemingly endless lines, we were drawn to Zagin by the available tables, the contagiously happy staff, and the delicious looking menu. We weren’t disappointed. The attention to detail is incredible, service impeccable, and the flavors of out very different ramen dishes were out of this world. If you’re in Hong Kong, you can’t miss it.



10. Origin gin bar

Everyone gets thirsty now and then. Thirsty for a big ol’ glass of GIN, amiright? No? Just---work with us okay? On our quest for yummy cocktails our first night in Hong Kong, we decided to check out this cozy little cocktail bar that had been suggested to us by a friend. It is everything you can ask for from a cocktail bar, and a smidgen more. Tiny bathtubs filled with secret cocktail creations, endless refills on complementary chips to make sure that buzz doesn’t hit you too hard, too fast.... Yep, this bar is the perfect place to start (or end) your evening.



BONUS TIP for the extra adventurous!!

11. Chungking Mansions

This hidden treasure is just a quick ferryboat ride over to Kowloon, a part of the city just across the bay. As you step inside from the hectic streets, you enter an equally chaotic world within a city within a nondescript building, and instantly feel as though time and borders cease to exist. What originally began as a residential estate sometime in the 1960's has quickly transformed into an international hub for visitors, traders and adventurers. Many of these newcomers are originally from African and other Asian countries, and have set up shop within the maze of food stalls, boutiques and cell phone stores (whilst many more live in the residential areas above the entrance). Getting lost in this magical melting post is a must-do for any foodie serious about getting down and dirty (and enjoying a delicious samosa or two along the way). However, after a quick scan on Trip Advisor, it might not be ideal for the faint-of-heart looking for a place to stay during a Hong Kong visit. 

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